Mohamed Talaat is Linxon’s HR Business Partner for the Middle East and Africa: “To #TeamLinxon: Thank you for your support and creating this wonderful environment – keep it up!”

Growth via embracing change is an increasingly important skillset for all employees in these current times of transformation. And this is an approach that Mohamed, who’s based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, has lived throughout his own career. As Linxon’s workplace environment has undergone changes to tackle the challenges of Covid-19, Mohamed has been supporting teams in the Middle East every step of the way.

Mohamed is a computer science graduate who has embarked on Human Resources career. Some people may find this unconventional, but there are clear benefits within our industry to combine technical background with Human Resources work. After finishing his studies, Mohamed joined SNC Lavalin as the HR Information System Coordinator and applied data science into business and people processes, contributing to today’s employee experience. “This role made me engage more and more with the HR function and over time, I decided to move completely into the HR field,” he explains. “Since then, I have moved between the different sectors of SNC Lavalin – Infrastructure, Power, Oil & Gas. My current role is about HR business partnering and advising managers and employees, while ensuring all our people processes are properly executed in the business. I’m passionate about high performing teams, culture change, leadership and people development.”

Meeting the needs of a ‘new reality’

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, HR has been focused on enabling remote working, and working with our management to maintain high levels of employee engagement. These have been challenging times for everyone and we are all proud of what we have gone through an achieved, and look forward to further developing the hybrid working model that Linxon introduced as one of the pioneers in the market back in November 2020. It’s clear now that this model is the future of work.

Employee engagement and health is key to high performance at Linxon, we have supported our employees with wellbeing campaigns, helplines and employee surveys and we have acted on employee feedback. “No doubt Covid-19 has had a great impact on all of us,” Mohamed says. “What’s important is that you have enough support to cope with the new reality. A major part of my role during these difficult times is to find different ways to support our people as much as possible, reflecting what Linxon has already done on a wider scale.”

Like many people, Mohamed values the combination of mobile working while also having personal contact with his team. “I like working from home for many reasons; number one is the ability to turn commuting time into family time. But I can say that I’ve missed working from the office a great deal, especially meeting my colleagues. I believe a combination of working from and meeting and collaborating in the office is the most effective way of working.”

Creativity within the start-up environment

When it comes to implementing change, Mohamed also appreciates the experience of a start-up environment where there are opportunities to create processes and solutions, not just implement them. This is where a technical background comes handy and complements HR work.

Work environment and collaboration culture inside Linxon

At Linxon, the psychological safety of employees is as important as physical safety, and building a culture of collaboration and problem solving is one of our main objectives within the HR function.

I appreciate the opportunities to learn on the job and to contribute through our signature HR Development Approach. Every month-end we have small multicultural teams tackling specific topics to the benefit of the broader HR team and the business, and this has been a big success and great learning.

Mohamed’s closing statement to his colleagues? “Thank you all, my colleagues, for your support and creating this wonderful environment – it has been an incredible journey and I’m proud to be part of it”

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