“It’s an important role with the objective to help operations run smoothly and in a risk-free and ethical environment”

A Law graduate with more than 18 years of experience within the legal field, Kshitish Raj has been with Linxon for a large part of the three years since the company’s inception in India . As someone who enjoys passing on his knowledge and advising his colleagues, he plays a key role as a guardian of Linxon’s high standards for safety, ethics and integrity.

Before starting with Linxon, Kshitish had worked at several large companies, including ABB India, within the industrial and IT sectors. He stepped out of these complex organizations and into a young energy company with a start-up feel. He’s based out of the fast-growing city of Faridabad, part of the Delhi Metropolitan Area. “I have to admit that I joined Linxon with slightly mixed feelings, taking it as a challenge upon myself to join an organization which had just started and is now standing firmly on its own feet,” he explains. “I feel satisfied by the opportunities and exposure which I have had in the organization and every day gives me a new learning.” The experience at Linxon was varied right from the beginning handling the transitional activities from ABB to Linxon facing and handling the internal and external customers for the conclusion of the said activities. This was learning which has made me grow as a professional which only an organization like Linxon can throw as a challenge upon a professional.

Happy to partner with business

His current role involves advising and supporting the business in day-to-day operations from the legal, compliance and contractual perspective. “It’s an important role to help operations run smoothly in a risk-free and ethical environment,” he says. The aim is to collaborate and respond to operational requirements in an agile, transparent and innovative manner.


“I myself adopt this approach, and also advise my colleagues, peers and people associated with Linxon to do things in an ethical, transparent and safe way.” In his previous companies, Kshitish often cooperated with and supported teams all over the world,


The culture of diversity in Linxon gives an insight into how people in different jurisdictions work and also helps me in understanding the cross-border culture within the organization.


“The objective is to always keep in mind the company’s policies and/or the local laws while executing the tasks assigned. In meeting the demands and expectations of our customers, whether internal or external, Linxon’s values of the highest standard of quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability should always be complied with,” he underlines.

A name to reckon with

I take pride in working with Linxon and associate myself with the mission and values for which  Linxon stands viz; safety, integrity, reliability innovativeness.


And what does Kshitish hope for the future? “I want to grow as an individual and a professional within the organization and perform my role in any jurisdiction where Linxon operates,” he explains. Any initial feelings of uncertainty have now been replaced with optimism, after his positive two-and-a-half years with the company. “Linxon has a rich heritage from two strong companies. In the future, it is set to grow from strength to strength based on its technical expertise. I envisage it becoming a name to reckon with in its area of operations,” he concludes.


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