“The satisfaction of completing new challenges motivates me”

A young legal professional with a growth mindset, Cilia Chong is not afraid of change and challenging herself. From internal policies to external contracts, she manages legal issues behind Linxon’s activities and achievements.

“I always feel that Linxon is borderless,” Cilia underlines. “Whenever you have questions, you can always reach out to other teams and departments, even in different regions. At Linxon, there is a wealth of experts and specialists whom you can learn from.” Being able to coordinate cross-functionally between different teams is an exciting aspect of working at Linxon for Cilia. She also enjoys contributing to an international workplace with global projects and people from diverse cultures, which resonates with her personal experience. Born and raised in Malaysia, she had practiced as a litigation lawyer after completing her law degree in the UK. She then moved to Singapore as a corporate in-house lawyer and pursued her master’s degree with University of St Gallen before joining Linxon in Switzerland. Having initially gained extensive experience at a law firm and other multinational companies, she now enjoys working as an in-house legal counsel thanks to the strong feeling of belonging within our company and its project teams. In her personal free time, Cilia enjoys reading and painting. When Covid is over, she would like to spend more time with her first love of traveling with friends and family.

Growing together with the Linxon family

Cilia describes Linxon as a workplace with great opportunities for professional development and growth. “No two days at Linxon are the same. Working at a young company with a strong heritage offers me a very fast-paced environment where I can learn something new every day,” she explains. “And the satisfaction of completing new challenges really motivates me.”

Often, the legal department becomes the center of collaboration between functions to drive corporate and business solutions. Working in a diverse and cross-jurisdictional environment such as Linxon also means that many things can be demanding and come with high expectations. Whilst challenging, Cilia thrives in such roles.

When it comes to her continued growth, she highlights that the people at Linxon are key. “I’m impressed by those colleagues who are specifically diligent and efficient,” she says. She also mentions her manager, Nicole Olsman, who makes a major contribution to Cilia’s exciting professional life at Linxon and who empowers her to achieve more. “I believe having a good manager plays a huge role in building one’s career. I am lucky as she trusts me to carry out my responsibilities, yet always approachable when in doubt, and she’s generous with opportunities to develop my skills and career.”

Receiving recognition and support

Moreover, Cilia gives credit to her wider circle of colleagues, in particular for helping her understand the power and engineering industry on a deeper level. “As Linxon is a young and lean organization, everyone operates at a high level of competence and tries to help each other in achieving a common goal – making Linxon a success. My colleagues are very open about offering their help and I am confident that they would have my back whenever I asked,” she adds.

Cilia believes that recognition and appreciation for the effort that people put in are crucial to keeping employees inspired at the workplace. And this is another factor that attracts her to Linxon, where she feels that her contribution is continually recognized. Looking to the future… she hopes to be able to continue contributing as part of the Linxon team and seeing the company step up on the global platform.

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