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Air Insulated Substation (AIS) at Fatehgarh, India

Obra Adani thermal transmission project, Uttar Pradesh, India

400 kV substation to Grundfors, Sweden

400 kV Air Insulated (AIS) substation at Ringhals, Sweden

220 kV GIS at Janoob Madinat Hamad, Kingdom of Bahrain

220 kV GIS at Sahel Al Zallaq, Kingdom of Bahrain

Shurton at Hinkley Point C, 400 kV GIS

Four turnkey 132/33 kV GIS substations, Iraq

Air Insulated Substation (AIS) at Khetri, Jhatikara & Sikar, India

Skanstull, 400 kV Stockholm, Sweden

Storfinnforsen, 130 kV and 400 kV AIS

Waterfront – Washington DC, US

Hinkley Point C, Somerset, United Kingdom

Mass rapid transit monorail lines, Bangkok, Thailand

GIS urban substation, Anaheim, California

Al Fadhili 380/115 kV gas plant

AIS substation, Malmö, Sweden

Djuptjärn and Högnäs 400 kV AIS substations

400 kV AIS substation for the British-Danish Viking Link

400 kV substation, Tata solar energy project, India