Renewable Generation

Substations that meet the demands of tomorrow

We support our customers in the creation of stronger, smarter and greener grids that are adapted to meet the changing needs of an evolving power landscape.

For power and water systems, Linxon solutions enhance the capacity, reliability and availability of transmission and distribution networks with proven substation designs and innovative grid technologies. We are focused on grid stability, reliability and code compliance.

We challenge ourselves to deliver technical solutions that help our renewable energy customers meet their commitments. We can help with innovative delivery solutions for both civil and demolition works by minimizing the use of non–sustainable materials.

Completed several onshore and offshore wind substation projects – leveraging our experience from around the globe in this area

Supporting our customers to achieve return on investment with competitive and optimized solutions as the costs of wind and solar energy come down

Addressing the demand for grid stabilization and energy storage with innovative solutions

Consistent and clear focus on maintaining project schedule to ensure that our customers meet their commercial generation obligations


For rail substation applications and mass transit transmission

We design, construct, test and commission complete traction power supply systems for both long distance rail and mass transit applications.

light/metro lines

high-speed lines

main lines and freight lines

We provide design, engineering, surveying, as well as grid compliance and approvals:

EMC, earthing & bonding


stray currents

braking energy recovery solutions

power quality solutions

Linxon provides not only complete end–to–end solutions, but also extended support during initial operation.

Traction power substations (built in place and containerized solutions)

Switching and paralleling stations

AC & DC applications

Wayside energy storage systems

Feasibility and reliability studies – RAMS

System studies and traction power simulations

SCADA systems for railway applications

Design, erection, testing and commissioning of Third Rails and Power Rails from 750vDC to 3000vDC consisting

High speed, metro, light rail and monorail applications


Serving utilities with engineering and program efficiency

Linxon solutions combine state–of–the–art technology, such as compact GIS systems, and proven project management capability including complex phased schemes. Linxon customers can rely on the prompt delivery of robust, reliable and efficient electrical systems that make the best possible use of an available substation site.

Our turnkey solutions incorporate the following works:

Design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation & commissioning of established Hitachi Energy power products

An advanced range of Hitachi Energy substation automation & protection systems

A considered approach to demolition/removal of redundant substation assets

Carefully planned site remediation and temporary/permanent service provision

Upfront planning and systems studies

Design for optimization & full project execution

Full system maintenance / Life extension services

Expertise in cutovers and sequencing to work within site limitations

Ensure optimal solutions for our clients

Conventional Generation

Substation innovations connecting conventional generation


We design and deliver turnkey solutions that help our customers fulfil their plans exactly, providing the highest lifecycle value and the lowest possible risk.

Connecting critical loads to the electricity grid and expanding power system infrastructure demands significant planning and engineering to ensure a constant, dependable supply of power. Linxon delivers optimized EPC substation solutions that help cities to grow, industries to expand, utilities to operate reliably and communities to connect.

Our global footprint and local presence ensures complete support over the lifetime of a substation. Regardless of size or scope, making projects easier for customers is our specialty.

Flexible and reliable solutions for effective integration of power from conventional generation plants

Efficient transmission and distribution to residential, commercial and industrial consumers

Comprehensive domain knowledge, global experience, continuous innovation and funding solutions

Optimized turnkey substation solutions that support local grid code compliance

Customer support throughout the lifecycle of the substation including brownfield upgrades and rehabilitation

Interconnections with existing utility switchyards

Data Centers

Serving data center operators with specialized designs for reliable power

Adequate and reliable power is essential for data centers, making substations the lifeline for these mission-critical loads. With extensive experience engineering and building HVAC substations, Linxon has the expertise to meet the unique performance requirements of hyperscale data centers that depend on consistent and reliable power.

Our data center areas of expertise consist of:

A turnkey approach: Our full turnkey project capabilities encompass everything from site development and engineering to specialized design and permitting, all the way through to procurement, factory testing, construction, installation, and commissioning.

Redundancy & reliability: Our engineering experts design customized substations to address any weaknesses in the interconnected network. Solutions maximize feeds, minimize failures, reduce the need for maintenance, and allow for power to continue to flow during an unexpected point of failure or outage.

Modular systems: Our modular approach uses standardized layouts with flexible designs that enable faster system deployment and reduced installation time. Modular, containerized systems provide reliable power, are protected from the environment, and are an excellent choice for fast tracked projects that require energization quickly.

Digital substation solutions: Advanced systems provide a high level of automation, safety and communication for protection and control. Going digital reduces space requirements by up to 50%, uses an average of 30% less materials, requires a smaller control room, and has a shorter installation time.

Sustainable systems: Our team can incorporate sustainable designs that include solar, green roofs, biodegradable dielectric fluid, SF6- free GIS equipment, etc.

With a focus on reliability, availability and safety, Linxon is one of the top EPC companies for data center substations.

Battery Energy Storage

Advanced battery storage solution for diverse applications​

Linxon has developed a comprehensive offering to help developers and investors in their journey to integrate Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for both distribution and transmission applications. We support the analysis of site locations and interconnection requirements, evaluate both product and solution options, and we take pride in helping our customers structure projects with the right CAPEX/OPEX balance to facilitate ROI maximization.

Our unique DNA combines strong product knowledge with an engineering and construction expertise that enables us to support our clients in achieving their specific goals.  Linxon’s global buying power produces immediate value for our customers and our capacity to provide long-term Operation and Maintenance services extends this value proposition by making Linxon a true long-term partner. We have also developed relationships with a group of investors that allow Linxon to invest in, own, and/or operate projects for a period of 5 to 20 years.

For utilities, we provide designs that adhere faithfully to the technological and commercial needs of the project. Linxon’s access to state-of-the-art technology, global supply chain, and top-rated civil and electrical engineering expertise is unparalleled in the BESS EPC market.  These attributes enable us to supply EPC project solutions that meet our client’s needs, and to go further by helping our client’s plan for and achieve their decarbonization goals.

Depending upon the nature of the opportunity, Linxon is able to help with:

Optimizing land usage by providing a project layout that achieves the energy output required.

Assessing technologies and providing data to select the right technical solution.

Bringing supply chain capabilities and buying power.

Providing a real partnership with upfront investment.

Optimizing solutions with creative engineering throughout development.

Leveraging and creating partnerships necessary to realize investment goals.

Facilitating access to capital markets by either offering project financing (which could include a full capital stack) or connecting clients with the right ecosystem players to fill financing gaps.

Supporting client efforts to leverage renewable energy incentives as provided by legislation like the IRA and others.

Customizing the level of client support to align with each client’s needs, adjusting as appropriate to their level of industry experience and expertise.