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  • 765 kV


  • Powergrid Corporation of India Limited


  • 2022


  • 2024

Linxon is supplying the SS-91 substation package to Powergrid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), a Government of India Enterprise and the biggest transmission utility in India.

The SS-91 project corresponds to the transmission network expansion in Gujarat to increase its available transfer capacity from the interstate transmission system. The extension is expected to strengthen the power grid in the region meeting the high demands for electricity in a growing society.

The scope of this transmission scheme includes the augmentation of transformation capacity at 765/400 kV ICT in Banaskantha substation by 1×1500 MVA, and the establishment of a new 400 kV 2nd D/c line in Banaskantha -Sankhari. It is scheduled to be commissioned matching with the establishment of the 400/220 kV Prantij substation and the 400kV Sankhari-Prantij double-circuit line first half of 2025.

In total, Linxon is supplying one 765 kV bay and seven 400 kV bays under the AIS substation package.