Linxon NAM team was recognized among the Top EPC companies in 2022

December 27, 2022

We are delighted to announce that our Linxon NAM team was recognized among the Top EPC companies in 2022 by Energy Business Review.  This is a huge achievement, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team. At Linxon, we are at the forefront of providing EPC services and impacting the marketplace. Article reference here

Linxon Top EPC 2022


Built by years of technology expertise and electrification project skills, Linxon is uniquely positioned to assist clients in tackling complex energy infrastructure projects. Born from the merger of SNC-Lavalin and Hitachi Energy (Formerly ABB), Linxon is leading an all-encompassing commitment to providing engineering and construction services, along with product procurement related to energy projects while keeping sustainability and innovation at its core. By leveraging their existing skills, Linxon serves clients from multiple key energy sectors including utilities, integration of renewable energy (hydrogen, solar, and on/off-shore wind), battery energy storage, data centers, and transportation electrification.

Linxon, as a top-tier engineering and construction company, demonstrated its resiliency in resource and supply chain management during the COVID-19 global health crisis, because of its deep roots in two major powerhouses. Acting as a one-stop shop for all aspects of the substation construction process, Linxon serves its clients with models allowing customers to reduce costs, shorten the timeline, and get the best service they deserve. The continued success has allowed critical projects to be executed on time, and with high quality despite bottlenecks encountered in the supply chain and transportation.

Nicolas Sanloup, Managing Director Americas

“We are capable of bridging resources or knowledge gaps, the industry is facing,” says Nicolas Sanloup, Managing Director Americas, Linxon. “We have no limitation on resource availability in all domains. We are fully trained and have an in-depth understanding of product requirements and manufacturer accessibilities.”

In one instance, Linxon was asked to execute the construction of a substation connecting a data center to a nuclear plant. Due to the limited outage timeframe for the project to be seamlessly integrated, the client initially had trouble finding an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) provider that could deliver results in under 24 months. This roadblock was largely due to inefficiencies in the supply chain along with other logistical challenges.

“We were able to successfully complete this project in 18 months, which was aligned with the timeline of the outage,” Sanloup says. “By leveraging our resources, we completed the job efficiently from an EPC standpoint, on time and within budget.”

Alongside providing swift and quality results to its clients, Linxon is dedicated to redefining traditional methods of substation engineering and construction, innovating for a sustainable future. It has begun implementing these sustainability measures in various ways, incorporating the latest engineering methods, and shortening construction timelines to utilize less energy and resources. One example includes Linxon’s critical evaluation of the suppliers and products being used on a project, analyzing the means of production, and selecting the most energy-efficient option. Linxon has also improved upon various operational methodologies and invested in transportation, construction equipment, and logistics systems that will use hydrogen or electrical power in the years to come.

A key focus for Linxon is to reduce emissions during the construction process. It plans to reduce carbon usage throughout the supply chain by 30-50 percent by 2030, extending that to a goal of 100 percent carbon neutrality in the use of construction equipment by 2050. Linxon has also become a fully digital company, limiting its overall consumption of paper-based materials, and remaining mindful of the products they require as an organization.

As a leader in the EPC space, Linxon has showcased its ability to tackle the most complex substation construction projects. Through its extensive network and industry expertise, it is able to efficiently power communities and industries while keeping sustainability, and innovation at the core.

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