Linxon has completed construction of a 765 kV substation for renewable power transmission at Khetri, northern India

February 14, 2022

Linxon has completed the construction of a 765/400 kV Air Insulated (AIS) substation at Khetri in the state of Rajasthan for POWERGRID Khetri Transmission System Limited (SPV). This SPV is a 100% owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, the largest state-owned transmission utility of India.

India has set a target for establishing 175 Gigawatt (GW) renewable capacity by 2022, which includes 100 GW solar and 60 GW wind generation capacity. To identify inter state transmission system connectivity of renewable energy projects from potential solar energy zones (SEZs) and potential wind energy zones (WEZs) of about 50 GW and 16.5 GW respectively SEZs and WEZs are envisaged in 7 states (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh). To ease the implementation of the transmission infrastructure in these renewable energy-rich states, it has been proposed to split these requirements in two phases. A total of 20 GW solar & 9 GW wind projects has been planned in Phase-I (up to December 2020) and 30 GW solar & 7.5 GW wind has been planned for Phase-II (December 2021).

This substation is part of a network comprising the establishment of 765/400 kV, 2X1500 MVA substations at Khetri with 765 kV (2x240MVAR) and 400 kV (1×125 MVAR) bus reactor along with bays.
The scope Included 9 bays of 765 kV, 8 bays of 400 kV and all associated civil work including land development.

“We wish to congratulate POWERGRID for this successful completion and thank them for all the support extended, expressing confidence with Linxon. We also thank everyone who has been associated with this project, achieving the successful completion of the project despite major challenges in COVID-19 times” said Dinesh Chadha, Managing Director of Linxon in Asia Pacific.