“We’re attractive for people working in the construction industry who are curious to learn more of the electric power industry”

After almost 20 years in the residential construction industry, Nils Wiklund took the next bold step in his career by entering the power sector with Linxon at the very start of this year. Attracted to Linxon because we’re a fast-growing company in a future-focused sector, he is using his experience to shape our civil engineering activities and continuously improve our internal capabilities, while helping the company become the first choice for customers.

“Linxon has a very attractive and clear business model – building substations and supplying rail transportation solutions for sustainable connectivity,” Nils says, elaborating on what brought him to his current role. “To my mind, this is a simple and inspiring mission, which makes it easier to get people on board and drive this mission forward. Plus, we are in a very positive phase, having recently won several projects.” He also points out that the company is not just a great place for power engineers. “With one foot in the power transmission industry and the other in the construction industry, we are very attractive for anyone working in construction who is curious to learn more.”

Recruiting the right people for the job

Nils came to Linxon in January 2021 with an extensive background in the building industry, having started his career at Swedish company JM and also been a project manager at NCC, one of the largest construction companies in the Nordic region. “The construction part of our operations – the civil engineering side of it – is very important,” Nils continues. “My field operations role includes the building activities on site and I’m also responsible for the installation of the power products.”

His main focus right now, he explains, is to carve out and further develop the field operations function and future strategy. “Civil works can be a very sensitive area of the project and so we’re making sure that we’re strong here,” he says. “Our people are key for this – including making sure we have the right staffing for our upcoming projects, both in the office and on site. For me, it’s important to continuously improve our internal competencies, and recruiting is ongoing both for civil managers and site managers.”

Even though he enters a new line of industry Nils can see similarities. “Just like building homes is a cornerstone in society, providing electrical power is essential in creating a sustainable future. I enjoy working with a purpose.” And the same trades that make you successful in construction will make you successful in the electric power industry. “It might be a lot more electrical focus and contents than I am used to, but we´re still building infrastructure. A driven civil engineer or construction manager will not have a problem transitioning into a substation project.

Coaching his teams to success

When it comes to shaping and developing his team, how would Nils describe his leadership style? “As a leader, I am very relations oriented. I like to build relationships with the people on my team and peers, as well as with other project teams in the organization and the clients. This is crucial so that we can achieve our objectives – together,” he outlines.

He also explains that he is focused and driven as an individual – in part, due to participating in national sports championships at youth and senior level. Today, he is still involved in sports as a coach for athletics and ice hockey – and finds balance by getting fit every day.

This teamwork approach is integrated into his long-term professional goals. “Personally, I’m looking forward to working with my great team to deliver our projects, while meeting and then exceeding our customers’ expectations.” And his aims for Linxon are just as high. “We have a strong heritage and now we’re building our own culture and values and becoming more known on the market every single day. Over the next decade, I would like to see our workforce multiply and for us to be the customer’s first choice.”

Meet the team

Linn Marquardt

Project Supply Chain Manager

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Nils Wiklund

Director of Field Operations Nordics for Linxon Sweden

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Director of Operations – Nordic Countries

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HSE Site Specialist

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Linxon’s Legal Counsel

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Proposal Manager for global offshore wind business

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Legal Counsel, Asia Pacific Hub at Linxon India

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HR Business Partner for the Middle East and Africa

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Director of EPC Projects

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