"We have to live up to our role as an important player in the Nordic market"

Finn Jonung has over 15 years of experience in the electric power business, and enjoys working with major substation projects, which is both exciting and challenging. Bringing together a team, in particular while remote working has been the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic, and fulfilling customers’ needs are two sources of motivation for this Swedish leader and engineer.

Reflecting on the reference projects that Linxon is now implementing all across Sweden, including four large projects to enhance Stockholm’s power grid, Finn considers this an exciting time to be working for the company in his home country. “We are an important player in the Swedish market and we have to live up to that role,” he states. “Our job is to meet, or exceed, the expectations of our customers. My responsibility as Director of Operations is to ensure good performance from signed contract to full delivery – and, of course, this has to be done as one team, working closely with our very qualified team at Linxon, our customers and partners.” One of the things that attract him to his role at Linxon is the opportunity to drive some of the largest EPC and substation projects in Sweden with complete turnkey responsibility towards customers. “It’s really motivating to be part of the energy transition and supporting the future with such large and important projects. For people who love the project and power business – as I do – this is what it’s all about.”

Having fun and performing well together

The empowerment and level of freedom that Linxon offers its people are also what keeps Finn inspired. “As a Project Manager with us, you are the ‘CEO’ of your project. Everyone who is part of our team has their own responsibilities – expectations are high, and you can have an important impact and see the result of your work,” he says.

Finn joined Linxon in January 2021, and has previously held roles in sales, operations and project management at Linxon’s parent Hitachi ABB Power Grids as well as being Business Unit Manager for energy company OMEXOM. In his current role, he is responsible for the overall performance and execution of Linxon’s projects in the Nordics. One of his priorities is proactive safety work, and he underlines that “everyone involved in our projects has the right to come home safe, not just today but every day!”

In turn, he believes in giving his team members ownership, enabling them to grow and develop with their tasks while providing the necessary framework and guidance. “As a leader, it’s important to be transparent in my expectations and feedback, and to follow up and create support for each individual, for example by putting a senior project manager together with a more junior assistant project manager. Ultimately, my aim is for my team to enjoy their work, have fun and perform well together.”

Keep the challenges coming

Having reached a leadership position and found success working on major projects, is Finn’s personal journey now complete? “No,” he underlines, “for me personally, I need a challenging job where I can learn and grow all the time, together with my colleagues, and where we can also have fun. And as Linxon is a young, growing organisation, this is a great match for me!”

Looking ahead, Finn believes that it’s important to stay close to customers and the market, in order to understand and deliver on the customers’ needs. And beyond his operations role, he is eager to see the renewables-driven changes in the power industry – a positive development for this father-of-two, nature-lover and fan of the outdoors. He is inspired by Linxon’s purpose of shaping energy solutions to empower sustainable connectivity: “I think it’s really exciting. We are at the core of the energy transition and Linxon is needed here – we are delivering our competencies and value to this.”

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