• Middle East & Africa


  • Conventional Generation


  • 220 kV - 400 kV


  • Electricity and Water Authority (EWA)


  • 2021

Linxon Bahrain has successfully energized a 220/66/11 kV BSP substation for its client Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) in Bahrain under the 220 kV substation Switchgear works for the BMP 220 kV substation & East Sitra 220 kV BSP substation Contract to supply two 220 kV substations needed to modernize a large refinery complex in the East of Bahrain on the Arabian Gulf coast.

The works for the energized substation, a new 220/66/11 kV Bulk Supply Point (BSP) substation, includes all associated equipment installation and commissioning works.

This is the second substation to be energized for this project with BMP 220 kV substation already energized earlier this month.

As part of an overall strategy to expand and upgrade existing facilities, Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), has launched a modernization program to meet these needs and engaged with EWA to supply electrical power at two locations – Bapco Modernization Program (BMP) refinery which Linxon has successfully energized its relevant substation and Sitra tank farm.